InstantHERLEV institute is an exhibition organisation for site-specific projects run by artist and curator Anja Franke. InstantHERLEV institute has its base in Anja Franke’s private garden in an ordinary single-family house neighbourhood in the Copenhagen suburb of Herlev. Used as an open exhibition space presenting invited artists from around the world, the private space embraces a public space to enter into a new type of dialogue with citizens and visitors. The initial idea was to use the local municipality of Herlev as a microcosm of the larger global picture. Since then, InstantHERLEV institute has become mobile, operating in different contexts, able to change and move, depending on people’s presence and stories.

InstantHERLEV institute works as a platform for artists, architects and designers to exchange knowledge and ideas and form new networks. Across cultures and urban environments, the organisation initiates projects in a 1:1 scale, investigating and questioning the relationship between the private and the public, the local and the global, art and life.
InstantHERLEV institute constitutes an urban micro-zone where temporary aesthetic and political works as well as social situations are produced. The projects at InstantHERLEV institute are characterized by an artistic attitude focusing on the world of acts and experimenting with the transgressions of various economies. Frequently they form concrete solutions to global problems on a local level as part of a wish to change everyday life.